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Carolyn Economides

Life Success Coach

Personal Statement

I was first introduced to Goal Mapping for Kids in 2014 as part of my Youth Coach training programme. It was at a time when I was already incorporating Vision Boards into my own life and work, so this blended beautifully with Goal Mapping. I’m a great believer in ‘walking your talk’ and I was so impressed with the positive outcomes of my own Goal Maps that I decided to become a Practitioner myself and ‘spread the word’, particularly in Greece and Cyprus.

My most recent goal map was made to help me get into tip top shape so that I am ready to face all the exciting opportunities and possible challenges that await me over the coming year.

About Me

I am a Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Goal Mapping Practitioner and advocate of the science of positive thinking and goal achievement. My passion is to inspire and motivate children, teenagers and adults to realize their full potential, to believe in themselves and their dreams and to unlock their personal power towards self-confidence and succcess.