My Life Coach

Felix Iziomoh - Nigeria
Goal Mapping / Personal Development Coach and Author
My passion for personal development and goal mapping led me into social work. I created my first Goal Mapping in 2010, since then I have been teaching, empowering Teenagers and Youths with it. My vis ... More Info

Paola Larger - Italy
Hotel Manager & Tourism Trainer
I have a dream ... to live in the "middle of nowhere" in Buda. Buda is a special place where live special people. It is settled in the Apennines Tosco Emiliano, in a part of Italy still unknown. My p ... More Info

Brandon Block - United Kingdom
Thought Coach
My Most recent goal map, is the outcome from many previous maps, through which have enabled me to achieve every goal I have set, within 8 months, through following my passion, seeing my worth, being a ... More Info

Marianne Spiteri - United Kingdom
Reconnection Coach
The highest qualification in Life Coaching is International Certification. I am constantly training to help people reconnect with their inner child and their heart, with their future possibilities in ... More Info

Sandra Miller - United Kingdom
Consultant Headteacher, Business owner and Goal Mapping Practitioner
Sandra is a Goal Mapping Certified Practitioner. ‘Goal Mapping has transformed my life- it has given me direction and I have identified my purpose. I am passionate about sharing the benefits of ... More Info

Anu Pellas - Finland
Networkmarketing and Direct Selling Business Coach
I like Goal map, because it is really simple way to make my dreams and goals visible. I do new Goal Maps every 6 months, because life is changing so fast, when you start to plan it :-) Now I am buildi ... More Info

Michael Bemis - United States
Exponential Coach
Goal Mapping has helped put me on the path to reaching my dreams and I get excited when I bring it to others. I work on goal mapping with all my clients because it is such a powerful technique for re ... More Info

Sini Ikävalko - Finland
Life coach, Speaker, Singer, Preast
In this map my main goal is to become prosperous! My other goals are: to write a book about the keys to happiness, my desire to blossom, be in Love and to be a fabulous singer that has recorded a hit ... More Info

Malcolm Lugton - Portugal
Personal Development Coach
My goal map shows my objectives for 2018. Normally, no matter what other goal maps I may produce throughout a year, I produce a “New Year” goal map to help me focus on my plans and “pathways” ... More Info

Brian Mayne - United Kingdom
Author & Speaker
I created the Goal Mapping system in 1994 and have been teaching it to business, schools, networks and people from all works of life and of all ages around the world. My mission and passion is to help ... More Info

Frances Tolton - Ireland
Goal Mapping Practitioner
Frances Tolton is Irish and is an international speaker, wellness coach and author. She discovered Brian Mayne’s Goal Mapping in 2007, a discovery that changed her life dramatically on a personal an ... More Info

Emily Faccioli - Italy
Businesswoman & Trainer
I found in GOAL MAPPING my Mission, My Purpose, My Life: helping people through this wonderful tool to attain Happiness in every field of their lives, helping to leave the world a better place. I my ... More Info

Susanne Rosenkvist - Denmark
Inner power coach, Inspirational speaker
I have used the goal mapping system for many years and It grows with me and vise versa. I have an empowering brain and a happy heart. I live with purpose and passion. My life has been lifted from gre ... More Info

Diana Page - United Kingdom
Business Leader and Coach
This map represents a whole new area to my life which evolved as a result of many years of coaching others the goal mapping principles to grow their self belief that they can achieve anything they put ... More Info

Dr Andrea Giraldez-Hayes - United Kingdom
Personal Development Coach, Author and Lecturer
I have been creating goal maps for five years now. In this period, I have had a sense of direction and have been able to achieve most of my goals. This is one of my most recent goal maps, and it is fo ... More Info

Steen Leithoff - Denmark
Speaker & Coach
My main subject is personal development with a deep knowledge about Martinus and his cosmology. I have been a consultant for some years in a company, where I have been speaking about coconut oil and o ... More Info

Liselotte Labbas - Finland
Goal Mapping Practitioner and Certified Coach, solution focused therapist
Pictures mean a lot to me and it shows in my maps. I want to help people find good balance in their life. For me, balance means just the right proportions of activity and rest, excitement and peace, s ... More Info

Thomas Erenskjold Andersen - Denmark
Speaker and Trainer in Life Leadership
To believe in your self is to believe in your dreams. My purpose is to help people acknowledge their dreams and to help them achieve them. This is the basic principle in teaching LIFE LEADERSHIP. ... More Info

Andy Coley - United Kingdom
International NLP Speaker, Trainer & Coach
As an International NLP Trainer I facilitate the learning of skills and tools for personal and professional development, enabling those that work with me to grant new choices to themselves and their c ... More Info

Flavia Powell - United Kingdom
Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Happiness Engineering Coach, Public Speaker, Author
My Most recent goal map is My Purpose Map. For so many years I have known that Bringing People HAPPINESS is My Passion. In this map I have gained clarity is exactly HOW I want to help people Weave HAP ... More Info

Bikundo Onyari - Kenya
LifePreneur Coach and Trainer
My goal map is a culmination of previous efforts to create goal maps in my life. The Life Changer which my current map offers an inspiration that directs me to achieve my goal of teaching and coaching ... More Info

Craig Levitt - Australia
Goal Mapping in Business
I go back to 2002, and it was around this time I became increasingly aware of the power of Professional Development and have spent much of the last 15 years focused on my contribution and helping othe ... More Info

Gosia Lichota - Poland
Certified Goal and Life Mapping Practitioner
My focus to date was on helping individuals maximize their potential and discover their true self. It brought me great satisfaction to see maps turn their life around. From my point of view, the pr ... More Info

Zoë Sparks - Australia
Author, International Speaker & Business Mentor
After twenty years as a business owner, I am still passionate about small business, women in business, reward and recognition and being the best person we can possibly be in our working lives, whilst ... More Info

Berith Højslet - Denmark
MagicHeart - Life and Business Coach
This Goalmap is my 2019 Map. Every year I create a Map in December, where I take a few hours to do this 1) Make a future diarynote: dec. 31. the following year, describing every area of my life as I v ... More Info

Riin Bonder - Estonia
Businesswoman & Trainer
I have had goals my whole life and when I met Goal Mapping system I realized that I should get even better results in my life if I have system in my dreams as well. After years of practicing this syst ... More Info

Gunilla Johansson - Finland
Certified Goal Mapping Practitioner
You can achieve anything, only you by yourself is limiting you! Find your passion and get rid of your limiting believes - allow yourself to be the best you can. Allow success and abundance in every ar ... More Info

Mona Hartmann - Norway
Coach & Mentor - in Life and Business
Goal Mapping Norway helps you from better to best. Learn to set goals and how to reward your improvement. When students set goals for their own academic growth, half the battle is already won. Now the ... More Info

Perry Germani - Switzerland
Life & Business Coach
My purpose is to help others gain clarity about their own life purpose and their dreams in all areas of life. I support people in taking responsibility for their results, achieving their full potentia ... More Info

Stefan Andreasson - Sweden
Coach & Mentor - in Life and Business
Goal Mapping helped me find my purpose and goals in life almost 10 years ago. Now - I who used to be technology driven finds the greatest rewards in working with people. As a Goal Mapping Practitioner ... More Info

Helen Turier - United Kingdom
NLP Practitioner Reflective Repatterning Reflexologist Author Trainer Speaker
Helen has been a Certified Goal Mapping Practitioner since 2010. With a background of over 20 years in nursing Helen runs a successful reflexology and wellbeing practice in beautiful West Sussex. My p ... More Info

Øystein Rabbe - Norway
Film Maker, Podcast Host & Public Speaker on Creativity
This Goal Map is my most recent one and it is focused on me living my best life doing what I am here to do with teaching, creativity, podcast and TV and at the same time taking care of myself body/min ... More Info

Katalin Konya - Denmark
Career Consultant and Kickboxing
Born in Hungary the youngest of 10 children, Katalin's kickboxer training started at age 6 and became an important element of her life. Her personal development journey began in 2010 and she discovere ... More Info

Ann-Charlotte Ohlsson - Sweden
Goal Mapping Practitioner, Psychosynthesis Therapist, Feng Shui Consultant and Mindful Tapper
All my life I have been working with a great passion in my professions. My first career has been as a professional violinist in different Scandinavian symphony orchestras. I have been on tour all over ... More Info

Carolyn Rennie - Spain
Heart-Centred Life Enrichment Coach
I am very excited to share My Goal Map. Having recently moved from the UK to Spain, I am fully aware of the challenges and opportunities coming my way and have absolute confidence and belief in myself ... More Info

Dirk Ludwig - Germany
Financial Coach
Living near Munich, Germany, with his family Dirk runs several enterprises successfully. Although these are in different fields what all of them have in common is Dirk´s idea to really make a differe ... More Info

Dany Colares - Brazil
Digital Marketing Strategist, Business Owner & Practitioner
As the first Goal Mapping practitioner in Brazil I am passionate about walking along others to discover their Mission and Purpose. Are you living your life with excellence? Are you moving forward? Is ... More Info

Jan Harley-Doyle - United Kingdom
Inspiring and Empathetic Management Consultant, Trainer and Coach
After a highly successful career in the health service, I now work fulltime in my own business providing a comprehensive range of developmental services to individuals and organisations. One of the ... More Info

Bruno Felicetti - Italy
General Manager & Leadership Coach
My Map is a Purpose Goal Map and shows my business and private purpose goals for the next two years. The most important goal is to help my Skiing area in Italy enter the top 10 Winter resorts in Euro ... More Info

Anna Foglino - Italy
Vedic Math Certified Teacher, Trainer, Naturopath
My goal map, is the map about my mission: the transmission of knowledge, this brings to have care of me, my family and elevate mankind. In this way my different activity: Goal Mapping teaching, Vedic ... More Info

Margot van IJzeren - Netherlands
Entrepeneur, Coach & Certified Goal Mapping Practitioner
Whatever you do, whether it is in business, career, relationship, health or other things, you do it as the person you are. When you become a better person, the result will be better. So become the bes ... More Info

Lisa Harris - United Kingdom
Holistic Therapist and Goal Mapping Practitioner
My goal map is guiding me on my journey to be the best version of me that I can be. I am focused on being a light for those in the dark to follow by sharing my experiences. Being in a traumatic situat ... More Info

Edmond Carroll - Ireland
Goal Mapping Practitioner & Energy Therapy Trainer
The highest qualification in Life Coaching is International Certification. I am constantly training people to help them connect with their Talents and Gifts. I love encouraging clients to reach for th ... More Info

Lynn Levitt - Australia
Success Coache
As a single mum paying off my own home and investing in property and shares, I have successfully educated and transformed women’s lives financially for many years. Along the way I had been creating ... More Info