Top 3 reasons why people choose Gold membership


Create up to 100 Goal Maps online!

Gold membership is the first choice for serious Goal Mappers. If you have lots of dreams, aims and goals, Gold membership enables you (and your family) to create a Map for each one!


Take part in my exclusive monthly workshops

My Golden Opportunity workshops focus on a different area of life each month. They will help you explore your life purpose and make your Maps work harder for you.


Access the top level of my Family Empowerment Centre

The Gold level is packed with online and downloadable resources so that you can bring the power and benefits of Goal Mapping to the people who matter most to you.

Goal Mapping Gold membership also enables you to...

Watch the full workshop video

Watch all 4 hours of my Goal Mapping workshop video. Supported by a comprehensive workbook it will guide you through the process of creating your first Goal Map.

Check your Life Balance

Use my clever Life Wheel tool to check your life balance, spot areas you could improve, and inspire the creation of Goal Map to address those areas.

Record and track your progress

All of your online actions – from creating a Goal Map to checking your Life Balance – are automatically recorded in your Life Journal.

Receive daily inspiration

Start each day with a vibrant and inspiring thought from Brian and the world's greatest thinkers, writers, artists and historic figures.

Connect with a Coach

Take the pursuit of your Goals to another level with the help of one of our global community Certified Goal Mapping Coaches*.

Create an online Life Map

A Life Map is a blueprint to bring out the best in yourself and your life, and is a powerful complement to any Goal Maps you create.

* Coaches may charge extra for their time

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