LifePreneur Coach and Trainer

I am passionate about people development and this has seen me serve as a trainer for the last 14 years. In that journey, I coached and trained various people from various backgrounds and I saw their lives transform moreso because I used my story to inspire and teach.

My life purpose is to demonstrate compassionate, life affirming, and insightful examples that encourage and assist the emergence of self-empowered individuals who reconnect with innate wisdom to achieve a lifetime experience of prosperity and abundance.

About Me

My goal map is a culmination of previous efforts to create goal maps in my life. The Life Changer which my current map offers an inspiration that directs me to achieve my goal of teaching and coaching goal mapping in Kenya to youth, entrepreneurs and professionals in both corporate and development organisations. You will discover by using goal mapping you have a clear and enhanced combination of both the right and left brain that guides to achieve your goals by commanding your subconscious in a complete new, exciting and rewarding way.