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Liselotte Labbas

Goal Mapping Practitioner and Certified Coach, solution focused therapist

Personal Statement

I speak Swedish, English, Finnish
During an especially stressful period of my life, when I was working long hours very focused on logic thinking, my brain started producing pictures in a rapid pace. I have always had creative hobbies, like pottery, print making, drawing and painting, but this time I did not allow myself such indulgence. My subconscious recognized my need for pleasure and play, so it started serving me pictures and ideas every night before I fell asleep. I enjoyed the show.
Through Goal Mapping I learned the importance of balance between logic and creative thinking. I learned that one does not take from the other but nurtures the other. I also learned how our subconscious work and how we can use it for our goals.
I use these insights in my work helping people find their own solutions on problems, to proceed with life after hardships and to cope with difficult situations, to make necessary changes and to find out what they really want. Goal Mapping is an excellent tool for this.
We are offered many alternatives in life regarding family, love, social life, health, work, economy and so on. But the alternatives are not always easy to see, especially if we do not know where we want to go. If that is the case for you, feel free to contact me.
Life is a gift we are given for a limited time. Do not let life merely happen, make the most of it!

About Me

Pictures mean a lot to me and it shows in my maps. I want to help people find good balance in their life. For me, balance means just the right proportions of activity and rest, excitement and peace, sound and silence, sunshine and rain. I help people find answers to their questions, to find their inner strength and trust in their capabilities; in short – to live their best life.

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