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Felix Iziomoh

Goal Mapping / Personal Development Coach and Author

Personal Statement

To me Goal mapping is not just about mapping wellbeing, career, relationships or personal goals and achieving them. It is about lifting lives, empowering and inspiring people to become a better person and achieving their life goals. This is my passion and I hope to leave a lasting legacy.
Goal mapping is also about the interaction between people, the knowledge and determination to be a success. I believe I am a hardworking, focus driven individual with natural ability to help people to realize their full potential.
Goal Mapping has enabled me to relate well with under-served teenagers in public schools.
I intend to gain more experience by teaching goal mapping and relating to people.
Furthermore, I look forward to expanding my knowledge and preparing for an eventual Career with coaching and the possibility of further trainings.

About Me

My passion for personal development and goal mapping led me into social work.
I created my first Goal Mapping in 2010, since then I have been teaching, empowering Teenagers and Youths with it. My vision is to create the foremost centre to teach goal mapping in Nigeria and help Brian Mayne achieve his goal of lifting 7,000,000 lives.
Thank you, Brian Mayne for creating this system and for giving me the opportunity to lift lives.
My goal map for 2025 is to empower 20,000 Teenagers.
Happy Mapping