Flavia Powell

Goal Mapping Practitioner, Life Mapping Facilitator, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Happiness Engineering Coach, Body Language Trainer, Public Speaker, Author
United Kingdom
Expertise: Happiness

Over 17 years I’ve helped hundreds of people reach inner peace, acceptance and contentment to move from unhappiness to happiness and success.
My passion is to see others smile, to empower people to discover their inner resources, unique gifts and talents to build upon their own strength, happiness and live their dream life. Goal Mapping helps me fulfill my vision to see millions of people around the world engineer happiness into their lives, spread love and happiness to the lives of others and build success upon their passion and inner resources.

Public Goal Maps

About Me

My Most recent goal map is My Purpose Map. For so many years I have known that Bringing People HAPPINESS is My Passion. In this map I have gained clarity is exactly HOW I want to help people Weave HAPPINESS into all areas of their lives and exactly WHAT I need to do to achieve that whilst Maintaining Alignment and Happiness in Myself. It is the strongest tool I have come across and helps me fulfil all my goals.