Edmond Carroll

Goal Mapping Practitioner and Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner Trainer
Expertise: Happiness

I use Goal Mapping in my work as my life has been transformed in so many ways. I encourage my friends and students to create a Goal Map for every area of their lives including Heath, Relationships, Sport, Career, Educational, Well-Being,Family and Business.
I have been involved with Personal Development for the past 18 years both in Ireland and Northern Ireland and I have seen huge growth in everyone who have invited Goal Mapping on their journey

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I love helping individuals to maximize their full potential and discover their true self. Edmond is a Goal Mapping Practitioner and Coach. Goal Mapping has transformed my life and the life of my family. It has given me direction to fulfil my life purpose of helping others in reaching and achieving their Goals and Dreams. I am passionate in sharing the powerful and proven benefits of Goal Mapping for almost everything that you desire. I started on my Goal Mapping journey in 2017 and I have achieved so much that I want to share these powerful techniques with many others.


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Combining Energy Therapy and Goal Mapping Together
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Brian Mayne is an international author and speaker, and creator of Goal Mapping – the simple system for sustainable success. Edmond Carroll,Athboy,Co Meath is now Certified by Brian to present his Successful Goal Mapping program in Ireland and Northern Ireland both in personal Workshops and on-line.
Brian Mayne Speaking To Edmond Carroll