Paola Larger

Hotel Manager & Tourism Trainer

The first time, I made GM it was for myself, than with the help of Brian and Bruna, we practiced it in our company, with our colleagues.
Since I became practitioner I propose GM in the training courses of Junior Manager in Tourism where I am been involving for over 30 years.
It is great to deliver to young people such an efficient instrument which can be used for their personal achievement.
GM changes the point of view to start with a new project and reach the goals of it, redefining the values and aims

Public Goal Maps

About Me

I have a dream ... to live in the "middle of nowhere" in Buda. Buda is a special place where live special people. It is settled in the Apennines Tosco Emiliano, in a part of Italy still unknown.
My propose is to carry out a project of renovation the Buda village, in a sustainable way, respecting the territory and its history, with a low environmental impact and involving a group of young professionals.
There I want start the first Goal Mapping Academy in Italy and found a Goal Mapping permanent training center, also available to GM Coach.