Stefan Andreasson

Coach & Mentor - in Life and Business
Expertise: Purpose

Being a "Red"/driven person with a strong leadership/management career I now focus on mentoring and coaching. I have worked in corporate environments for decades in various management positions. My main focus has always had focus on developing the skills of my team with the aim of making myself redundant. Empowering people and ignite them grow is the best return I can receive - money is a by-product. Goal Mapping has helped me and now I pay it forward using Goal mapping, Life Mapping and Action Mapping. I help both individuals and businesses/groups find their purposes and goals and to communicate better.

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About Me

Goal Mapping helped me find my purpose and goals in life more than 10 years ago. Now - I who used to be technology-driven finds the greatest rewards in working with people. As a Goal Mapping Practitioner, Life Mapping Facilitator and Master Coach I help more people find their drives and plans for life - short- and/or long-term. My own Goal Map is towards being a better coach and mentor - driven by love, pay-it-forward and challenging comfort zones. I do this as a motivational speaker, in workshops and as a coach..


Eva Synnergren intervjuar mig om Goal Mapping. (Swedish)
Eva Synnergren