Ray Snowball

Coach - Mentor - Entrepreneur - Business Consultant - Project Manager - Service & Solution Architect

I am Ray Snowball, a 15+ year goal mapping advocate, I have used Goal Mapping to develop and grow personally, opening my mind to new possibilities, transforming my life, and controlling my demons, while founding and growing a successful consultancy business. My shared maps show the latest steps on my journey in life, health, and business.

Public Goal Maps

About Me

Life for me did not take the path I expected, and Goal Mapping helped me realign, focus, prioritise and achieve by helping me understand my true desires and what was really important in my life. Having grown up in a self-employed family and becoming an entrepreneur in my own right when I was 18 business has always come naturally to me, however the true skills to being successful took more time to develop. As a proud Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, and Business Coach and Mentor, adding Goal Mapping to my toolkit to provide both support and guidance was a natural next step and I look forward to sharing my journey and supporting businesses and individuals alike as they embark on their own path to achieving as I work towards my own life Goal by "Paying Forward The Good That I Have Been Given"