Øystein Rabbe

Film Maker, Podcast Host & Public Speaker on Creativity

My deepest desire is to express my creativity in this world and through walking this path also help others to find clarity and courage to do the same. I want you to live the best version of yourself through expressing the whole of who you are and find the resources, creativity and love that resides inside you just waiting to unfold and be shared with the world.

Since early teenage years I knew I wanted to work with film & television. Through belief and dedication I got there early. However I had to go through a burnout and personal crisis to realise it wasn’t enough to just know what I wanted to work with I also had to see myself on a deeper level and know WHY I wanted to be in this industry and what it meant to really make a difference.

Public Goal Maps

About Me

This Goal Map is my most recent one and it is focused on me living my best life doing what I am here to do with teaching, creativity, podcast and TV and at the same time taking care of myself body/mind/spirit to be the best version of myself