Brandon Block

Thought Coach
United Kingdom

I’ve been a successful DJ for the last 35 years, during that time, I have stopped some very bad habits, I have achieved all of my goals to date, I have worked for the NHS helping people with Mental health problems, including Addiction and emotional trauma. I’m an empath and my Passion is to continue to help people to better themselves and improve their lives through thinking better, feeling better, and setting more purposeful goals. My dream is to create a community of people who want to help others to help themselves.

About Me

My Most recent goal map, is the outcome from many previous maps, through which have enabled me to achieve every goal I have set, within 8 months, through following my passion, seeing my worth, being able see that by using these amazing tools, I am enough and you will also feel the same, if you follow this simple, meaningful, incredible set of principles with some help from a qualified Goal Mapping coach. Happy Mapping