Frances Tolton

M.A. (Human Development) Life Strategy Coach, NLP Master,Goal Mapping Practitioner & Coach. Licensed Stress Management Consultant. Author of "The 7 Steps to Life Engagement"
Expertise: Wellbeing

Greetings Friends! What a wonderful life it has been so far! And yes like all of you, it's had its ups and downs but that's where stopping to set clear and compelling goals comes in. Whether your goals relate to your Personal Wellbeing, your career or the vision of your family future, Goal Mapping is the perfect system to do this.
Since finding this unique strategy in 2007, I can honestly say it has transformed my personal and professional journey and I am now ready and eager to share it with you! Perhaps you may want to add this tool to your daily life? Perhaps you see yourself as a teacher of Goal Mapping or even a Coach with our incredible on-line program - whatever it is, please contact me and I am happy to be your Coach and teacher on this unforgettable journey.
Below, you will find some details of my track record.
Please feel free to email me and let's talk about Goal Mapping. Or you can just pop to the right here and sign up for FREE, create your first map and then pop me an email to chat. Please ENJOY!

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About Me

Welcome! I'm Frances Tolton, Goal Mapping Practitioner and Coach since 2007. Following 30 years in Personal Development, as a corporate consultant, I am now a Life Strategy Coach with a special interest in Personal & Professional Wellbeing, Stress Management and Personal Resourcefulness. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to guide and encourage people to set clear and compelling life goals and go for it! Brian Mayne's Goal Mapping is an excellent invitation to clients to identify their dreams and ambitions and find their particular path of achievement. I studied Psychology at University College Cork and hold a Masters Degree in Human Development, an advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, a Diploma in Personal & executive Coaching and I am an NLP Master Practitioner having trained with Dr. Richard Bandler. My 30 years of work has taken me all over the world and I am honoured to have shared the stage Brian Mayne and many of the other greats including Dr. Steven Covey, Depak Chopra and Dr.Wayne Dyer.
My book "The Rainbow Factor - 7 Steps to Life Engagement"offers my practical process of engaging with your life's passions and ambitions. Please feel free to email me by clicking the mail link and let's talk about Goal Mapping and how it can change your life as it has mine.


"I was at a crossroads in my life and looking for inspiration for what to do next in my career when I decided to do the Goal Mapping course with Frances Tolton. This experience was life changing for me in that it focused me on what my passions were in life. Performing and teaching music. Frances has wonderful skill, technique and enthusiasm which is infectious and she helped me so much to discover my full potential and strengthen my passions. Goal Mapping is a wonderful skill to have and I can't recommend the course that Frances delivers enough ! It will change your life."
"I first discovered Goal Mapping through Frances Tolton and went on to share it with my daughter. Goal Mapping is a fantastic tool to open your mind and avail of what life has to offer. The visual and written concept really works for setting and reaching those goals. My daughter and I love Goal Mapping on long journeys and we are always fascinated how our left and right brains are so different. Yet they come together to get the result"
Aileen & Robyn