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Carolyn Rennie

Heart-Centred Life Enrichment Coach

Personal Statement

I began using Goal Mapping in 2006 with my first Goal Map being focussed on growing my Counselling and Coaching Practice. It was no surprise to me that I successfully achieved all of my goals on this Goal Map and went on to introduce and help my clients in using Goal Maps.

I have unequivocal belief in Goal Mapping as it remains intrinsic to my clients’ successes. These have ranged from improving wellbeing, learning new skills, career advancement and for ME unearthing my ‘True Purpose’.

It would be an honour to help you in having nothing less than you truly deserve for Best Your Life♥

About Me

I am very excited to share My Goal Map. Having recently moved from the UK to Spain, I am fully aware of the challenges and opportunities coming my way and have absolute confidence and belief in myself and my Goal Map. This Goal Map represents My Purpose I love helping and seeing people succeed. My Goal is to help as many people has possible in enriching each aspect of their lives. Guiding and supporting my clients as they embark on their an amazing and fully rewarding journey through change.