Thomas Erenskjold Andersen

Speaker and Trainer in Life Leadership

Have you ever had a feeling in your guts of something being the right decision? I had that feeling then I heard about Brian’s Goalmapping and have since used it to help people become better life leaders so they can live a life full of fulfillment.
Goalmapping have since helped me achieve my dreams of becoming a TEDx speaker, Live a dream as a Hobo and to launch World Dream Project which purpose is to inspire people by showing them what the world dreams about.
My focus is on helping people take actions which are in alignment with their dreams and purpose, and I am ready to help you find your dreams and work towards them. The only question left is are you Ready to act on your dreams?

Public Goal Maps

About Me

To believe in your self is to believe in your dreams.
My purpose is to help people acknowledge their dreams and to help them achieve them. This is the basic principle in teaching LIFE LEADERSHIP.
My goals are to help people by teaching and coaching them in skills that makes them a leader in their own life.