Andy Coley

International NLP Speaker, Trainer & Coach
United Kingdom

Having transformed my life, health, relationships and business I got fascinated about the process of change and how important it is to setting meaningful, clear and definable outcomes. Several years ago I switched from being a web developer to an NLP Trainer allowing clients and practitioners to reprogram their thinking and lives for the better whilst ensuring that all the changes we self-owned and self-initiated. Goal Mapping is the perfect methodology to facilitate goals at a logical and emotional / metaphoric level within the conscious and unconscious mind. Always happy to talk about NLP Training as well.

About Me

As an International NLP Trainer I facilitate the learning of skills and tools for personal and professional development, enabling those that work with me to grant new choices to themselves and their clients, patients, families and friends. Goal Mapping allows both clients and Practitioners to create outcomes that are meaningful, logical and emotional.