Margot van IJzeren

Entrepeneur, Coach & Certified Goal Mapping Practitioner
Expertise: Happiness

My background is in coaching and complementary health. I have my own home-based business in health and wellness. In this capacity, I help people to start up their own business and I use goalmapping to help them reach their goals.
I also have my own goalmapping coachings business.
My special interest is in helping female entrepreneurs/coaches make their (online) business grow, in spite of experiencing mum guilt. I also specialize in training online goalmapping coaches.

Public Goal Maps

About Me

Whatever you do, whether it is in business, career, relationship, health or other things, you do it as the person you are. When you become a better person, the result will be better. So become the best you can be!
I love it when I can help people do what makes their heart sing and their eyes shine.

Being in a severe depression for many years I was so lucky to hear Brian Mayne in 2009 speaking about Goalmapping. I went to the Isles of Wight and became a Goalmapping Practitioner in 2010.
For me, Goalmapping is the ideal combination of ratio, emotion, and intuition. Goalmapping helped me to overcome my depression and to pursue my goals.
Now I am lucky to be able to help others to do the same. The best help is to enable another person to help him/herself.
I help Brian in his mission to lift 7 million lives. Together we can make this world a little bit better.