Ann-Charlotte Ohlsson

Goal Mapping Practitioner, Psychosynthesis Therapist, Feng Shui Consultant and Mindful Tapper

Since the start of 2018 I work exclusively with personal development in different ways, as a therapist, Mindful Tapper, Goal Mapping Practitioner and coach. I am looking forward to be your outer guide to your inner world.

About Me

All my life I have been working with a great passion in my professions. My first career has been as a professional violinist in different Scandinavian symphony orchestras. I have been on tour all over the world and played with fantastic conductors, performing at a high level.
About 15 years ago my life took a new direction. I didn´t realized it by the time, but after a long and painful divorce and my father´s death, I took the decision to start to work on myself. I initiated a five years training to become psychosynthesis therapist. That turned my life around. I could no longer see myself as a musician for the rest of my life. A change was inevitable and I was ready.
What I also realized was that I am a highly sensitive person (HSP), which gave me new insights about myself and how to navigate in life. Now, my life-path is to be present in being, rather than in doing, performing.