Riin Bonder

Businesswoman & Trainer

My biggest dream was to be a lawyer and when I was 30 years old I was worked as a lawyer 8 years. But I felt there is something more. I’d like to be free but I’d like to work with people and for people. I started my own business in the heath and nutrition area. I care about health in any level – mental, physical and development. And I believe there have to be balance to be the best version of you and live you dream life.
My passion is to help people to be better themselves and improve their lives through thinking better, feeling better, and setting more purposeful goals. I know that everything that I am able to think I am able to reach and my wish is to give others belief for themselves and their dreams.

About Me

I have had goals my whole life and when I met Goal Mapping system I realized that I should get even better results in my life if I have system in my dreams as well. After years of practicing this system for myself I understood that everyone should practice it. And I can help them to learn how to use this powerful tool.
Today my passion is to guide as many as possible to formulate their real dreams, find a why behind of these and help to step first steps how to reach what is really meaningful.
And this is an opportunity to everyone – just help qualified Goal Mapping coach and give yourself a chance to live a life you deserve.