Jan Harley-Doyle

Inspiring and Empathetic Consultant, Trainer and Coach
United Kingdom
Expertise: Wellbeing

I became interested in Goal Mapping after reading one of Brian Mayne’s books in 2006. I then started using the technique to great effect when planning my own work and personal goals.
As an experienced coach, I saw the great value in using this with clients. A fantastic tool for unleashing their creativity and inner motivation.
In 2017 I followed Brian’s online training and in 2018 I finally decided to take my understanding to a much deeper level by initially qualifying as a Goal Mapping Coach, then Facilitator and finally as a Certified Goal Mapping Practitioner. My only regret is that I did not do this sooner. I now fully integrate Goal Mapping into my portfolio of coaching, consultancy and training services.

About Me

I love working with clients to enable them to integrate mapping into their personal and professional lives. My company, LifeStyle Options, provides a comprehensive range of developmental services to individual and corporate clients.
After a career in the health service, it was refreshing to be able to shed the bureaucracy and put all my energies into supporting my clients.
One of the things I love about Goal Mapping is that it can be applied to ALL aspects of your life. One of my latest maps, which is shown in my profile here, was about creating a new office. As with my previous experience of using goal maps – this spurred me to action and I exceeded my target completion date by a full 3 months.
My professional strapline is: “discovering aptitudes, realising potential” and this is never truer than when encouraging clients to fully utilise the power of Goal Mapping.
This could be the tool that steers you towards your true-life goals and inspires you to take action.