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Astrid Daans

Silent Coach

Personal Statement

Silence as well as goalmapping are my most valuable tools for accomplishing my goals and having a balanced, fulfilled and loving life. So first: focus on your needs and what’s important to you and second: MAP IT!

About Me

As a single mom I learned the power of silence 6 years ago. I was so aware of the distracted noises in my head that I decided to bring silence in my life and in my business. CoachingHer was born and also me as a silent coach.

In 2015 I discovered Goal Mapping and was blown away by the simplicity and power off it. I instantly saw a unique possibility to combine Goal Mapping and silence to a complete new concept: Goal Mapping your Silence

Now, As a Silent Coach and Certified Goal Mapping Practitioner it’s my mission to empower and inspire women to structural implement silence into their lives.