Michael Bemis

Exponential Coach
United States

I am an Exponential Coach, working with leaders and high achievers to create and accelerate exponential changes in their life. After leaving my profession as a pharmacist that was no longer serving me, I am living my dream of helping others dream bigger and making their dreams a reality. I am able to help my clients understand that all areas of their life must be in balance in order to achieve and enjoy high level success. With my background in health, business and personal development, I can successfully guide them to create this balance which is necessary to achieve optimal results around a primary goal. It brings me great joy to see others happy and successful, making the world a better place.

About Me

Goal Mapping has helped put me on the path to reaching my dreams and I get excited when I bring it to others. I work on goal mapping with all my clients because it is such a powerful technique for reaching our goals.