Lisa Harris

Mindset Coach & Business Developer
United Kingdom
Expertise: Purpose

I have many years' experience in the corporate world and am naturally a goal setter, however, I had never really used these skills in my personal life. Although when faced with a traumatic life experience that disrupted my inner world, I had to reassess my life plan, thought processes and ultimately my goals. I now proudly use goal mapping alongside holistic therapies to guide those who need to achieve either work or personal life goals and to also help those recovering from adversity and difficulty, to help them find focus and their life purpose and bring them back to a state of inner peace. Goal mapping helped me to move on from a difficult place and my life since has grown and continues to expand. My purpose is to help others who feel stuck, move forwards on their journey back to love, light and happiness.

Public Goal Maps

About Me

My life map is guiding me on my journey to be the happiest and healthiest version of me that I can be. At my best I can be a light for those in the dark to follow by sharing my experiences and working through negative thought patterns that keep them stuck. Being in a traumatic situation can be painful and often debilitating when you have nothing positive to focus on. Working alongside charities and other organisations has helped me find those in need. It has enabled me to share the power of positive thought and demonstrate the change a mindset shift can have on all aspects of your life. Goal mapping helped me to move on from trauma and find new ways to enhance my life and rediscover my inner light and my life purpose.