Berith Husum Højslet

MagicHeart - Life and Business Coach

I truly believe that anyone of us, can change the course of our lives at any moment. It all starts with that ONE THOUGTH. With a Goalmap and the online coaching YOU CAN change that one thougth in to the map of your future. Sometimes we need Goalmaps to take away the fear of making a changes, and sometimes we need them to figure out who we really are. ALL PEOPLE deserve to LIVE their full potential. I love coaching using Goalmapping as the mail tool, because IT WORKS for both children, teenangers and adults. It works on both personal development and business goals

About Me

This Goalmap is my 2019 Map. Every year I create a Map in December, where I take a few hours to do this 1) Make a future diarynote: dec. 31. the following year, describing every area of my life as I visualize it will be. 2) Feel the magic in My Heart. 3) Do My Goalmap 4) Share it with my husband 5) Print it out and put it on the wall in my bedroom