Anna Foglino

Vedic Math Certified Teacher, Trainer, Naturopath
Expertise: Self-worth

Happiness in every area of my life it was always my purpose as to help people to achieve their Goals and to have Happy Life in all area. I focus on health body by Naturopath and Biorisonance, mental ability with Vedic Math. When I found Goal Map and Life Mapping they become my helper every day of my Life to change mind, find, set and obtain goals. With Goal Mapping coach and seminars my help become more effective in every my activity and now you all can use my help in your Life Journey.

About Me

My goal map, is the map about my mission: the transmission of knowledge, this brings to have care of me, my family and elevate mankind. In this way my different activity: Goal Mapping teaching, Vedic Maths teaching and Naturopath-Biorisonance become one. This map is already working for me. The success of all my previous Life Maps and Goal Maps maps of these years are the testimonials of and strength Goal Map Principle. The success of my past clients are my happiness. This give the safety of my successful help as qualified Goal Mapping coach. Happy Mapping