Gunilla Johansson

Certified Goal Mapping Practitioner and Certified Goal Mapping Coach
Expertise: Purpose

The first time ever Gunilla saw Goal Mapping was in Oslo in 2012 and she says it was Love at first sight. Her passion is to open doors to a better tomorrow. Either you are an individual, a team of any kind or have a business; Goal Mapping can help you getting a clear goal and most of all a plan of how to achieve it.
She is open to bring Goal Mapping to individuals, groups, teams and businesses. Life Mapping 1-to-1.
In 2013 she became one of the two first Certified Goal Mapping Practitioners in Finland. She is coaching and giving workshops in Swedish, Finnish and English. Main geografic area is the south of Finland.

About Me

You can achieve anything, only you by yourself is limiting you! Find your passion and get rid of your limiting believes - allow yourself to be the best you can. Allow success and abundance in every area of life - happiness, inspiration, relationships, career, health, wealth and finances.