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Susanne Rosenkvist

Inner power coach, Inspirational speaker

Personal Statement

Goal mapping came into my life - at a time where I was living other people dreams instead of my own. I didn´t realize it at that time - but I was unhappy inside and smiling outside. Goal mapping became my inner guideance map, back to me, being happy inside aswell as outside. Gradually my wellbeing increased, and that why I decided to teach this powerfull system.
My mission is to help people finding their own dreams, and inner power to reach them. If it´s dark you can´t see anything. You are born to shine, and can light up your own road. When you walk in the dark, you need to find the light and turn it on. When you turn it on, you will see your way. When you use a map, the road feels more safe and secure to walk. You don´t have to walk alone - I would love to support you, finding your way.
I work with people that feels confused, or overwhelmed by changes and possibilities. I don´t have the answers, but I have the questions and tools helping you - listen to your inner guide.

About Me

I have used the goal mapping system for many years and It grows with me and vise versa. I have an empowering brain and a happy heart. I live with purpose and passion. My life has been lifted from grey to all the colours in the rainbow.
That is why I decided to teach others this universal system, and speak about my transformational journey. “If you think you can -- you can.”
Goal mapping is so simple, so strong and so effective- The only choice you have to make is….. Are you ready to achieve your dreams, and let your shine be the guiding light on your way :-)