Susanne Rosenkvist Hansen

Intuition Coach, Goal Mapping Trainer
Expertise: Purpose

I look at my goal maps every day and it helps me stay, on my Happiness Way.
Goal mapping was introduced to me in 2013, by Brian Mayne, at a time where I was really unhappy and feeling stressed, in all areas of my life. I did not know where to start building up my balance and inner Happiness……
From feeling lost, I started to feel guided. From feeling stressed I started to feel energized. Gradually my wellbeing increased, as I worked diciplined through the 7 biggest areas in my life. Mental, Physical, Emotional, Financial, Spiritual, Social and Purpose.
Goal mapping helped me find my inner being, doing what I love, living my best life. I feel gratefull to be a part of Brian Maynes Life Lifter coaching team, helping others finding their unique gifts and living their best life.
Please, feel free to contact me and I will love to support you making a goal map and support you on your life journey.

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About Me

Stepping Into Happiness. I have used the goal mapping system for many years and It grows with me and vise versa. I live with purpose and passion. My life has been lifted from grey to all the colours in the rainbow. My inner motivation and happiness has increased in every area of my life.
Goal mapping is so simple, so strong and so effective. The only choice you have to make is….. Are you ready to achieve your dreams, and let that Shine out!