Diana Page

Business Leader and Coach
United Kingdom

I was introduced to Goal Mapping 16 years ago and enthusiastically adopted the principles and developed my first Goal Map. Guess what - I achieved all the challenging goals. This happened every year since – so do I really believe in this process – you bet! There is always great excitement when I show my goal maps from the last 16 years tracking every personal and professional achievement. As a result I’ve also been asked to speak and coach on Goal Mapping in over 30 major cities worldwide, on an individual bases and to audiences from 30 to over 12,000!

About Me

This map represents a whole new area to my life which evolved as a result of many years of coaching others the goal mapping principles to grow their self belief that they can achieve anything they put their mind to. Being honest with yourself about what makes your heart sing and having the courage to dream beyond what others think is possible for you opens up whole new aspects to living a full life.