Sini Ikävalko

Life Coach, Speaker, Singer, Priest
Expertise: Purpose

Im 40+ woman from Finland who have achieved Great Things in her life via GoalMapping, but most amazing thing has been, how it had helped me to cope all the difficulties in life: heartbrake, krisis, depresson, sadness… At the moment, I have many goals, but the most important one is about Love and Happines and maybe having The Man I Love in my life *Im blushing*.
I help people find their personal dreams and the strength to fulfill their own purpose in life.
I have been GoalMapping practitioner since 2014 and worked diffrent groups, workshops, retrites, and done also personal LifeCoaching all these years. My areas of expertise as a Priest and a SoulCaretaker are coping with a personal crisis and the different phases of life. I'm a good ”mirror” for people to reflect themselves, a brave performer and a motivational speaker. I coach one to one, in smaller groups but also speak to big audiences.

Public Goal Maps

About Me

In this map my main goal is to Be In Love! My other goals are: to write a book about the keys to happiness, my desire to blossom, become prosperous and to be a fabulous singer that has recorded a hit album! I want to achieve all of this because I want to be the absolute best version of myself: free and happy.