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Sini Ikävalko

Life coach, Speaker, Singer, Preast

Personal Statement

We are happy when we fulfill our purpose in life. I am so much happier when I am on the path to my dreams: singing, coaching and writing. Goal Mapping has truly changed my life as a whole and I want to help You by encouraging and coaching you. I help people find their personal dreams and the strength to fulfill their own purpose in life.
My areas of expertise as a priest and a soul caretaker are coping with a personal crisis and the different phases of life. I'm a good ”mirror” for people to reflect themselves, a brave performer and a motivational speaker. I coach one to one, in smaller groups but also speak to big audiences.

About Me

In this map my main goal is to become prosperous! My other goals are: to write a book about the keys to happiness, my desire to blossom, be in Love and to be a fabulous singer that has recorded a hit album! I want to achieve all of this because I want to be the absolute best version of myself: free and happy.