Dirk Ludwig

Financial Coach

The foundation of Dirk´s work is his mission: encouraging, empowering and accompanying as many individuals as possible to get out of the rat race. By that they can grow into their highest self free of any limitations.

Public Goal Maps

About Me

Living near Munich, Germany, with his family Dirk runs several enterprises successfully. Although these are in different fields what all of them have in common is Dirk´s idea to really make a difference, operate sustainably and help making this world a better place. His team and Dirk therefore got rewarded over and over again for best quality, best practice, sustainability and best value for money. Having achieved a great balance of happy-family-life with his wife and two sons, born in 2000 and 2002, as well as businesses Dirk managed to become financially free by the age of 41. That allowed him to even focus more on what he loves: improving substantially the lives of as many families and entrepreneurs as possible in the Munich area and worldwide. As Goal Mapping helps Dirk himself over and over again on this journey he decided to become a Certified Goal Mapping Practitioner and help many more people to achieve their goals through that powerful and fun tool.