Goal Map the Bliss you wish to see in your life

Is your happiness just luck?

Life can be a lottery and we can’t always control what happens, but we can choose our thoughts about it, and there is our path to Authentic Happiness.

Most people search for happiness on the outside in possession, power and popularity, but these things are not always in our control and often unsustainable long-term.

True happiness begins on the inside by learning how to choose positive thoughts about your self and life regardless of any negativity in your day.

What does your Authentic Happiness look like?

Everyone will have a slightly different picture of happiness in their mind.

In the Success Centre you will be guided to Goal Map what makes you happy; the things that make your heart sing.

You will also learn the simple science of Positive Thinking and how to hold a positive focus on your self and life so that you boost your self-belief, raise your self-esteem plus empower your body and daily activity, all of which in turn helps you make the best of your day and gradually steer your life in the direction of your deepest desires.

If you have ever failed with your goals, here's why!

Maybe you, like so many thousands of other people, have wasted your precious time and money, or even worse become disheartened or doubted yourself, because you used a goal-setting or vision-board system that simply didn’t work?

The main reason why most goal-setting systems don’t really work, even if they do claim to be ‘SMART’ or ‘Visionary’ is because they only focus on, and activate, half of your brain.

What people say!

"Thank you much. The Masterclass was uplifting and inspiring. I have used Goal Mapping for years and it has helped me live an amazing life. So many of my goals have come true, often in unexpected ways, and I continue to create and use my Maps."

Sarah - Sweden

What people say!

"Thank you for enabling me to radically alter and achieve over the last 18 years. I would never have dreamt such an interesting, fun and fulfilling life was possible before you taught me Goal Mapping."

Louise Giblin - UK - award winning Sculptor

What people say!

"With the help of Goal Mapping I have built a townhouse for my children, got the dream job I wanted and have now been doing for 15 years. These things were made possible by Goal Mapping. I can say it really works."

Satu - Finland

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In the Success Centre:

The Mindset Workshop
* Watch the Authentic Happiness Mindset Workshop to lear how to choose your best
Create Your Goal Map
* Follow the simple guided instruction to create your Authenic Happiness Goal Map
Check Your Life-Balance
* Access the empowerment tools such as the 'Life Balance Check' to support you
Your Success Journal
* Use the interactive Journal and Workbook to deepen your understanding
Make Your Action Plan
* Accelerate your goal achievement with a detailed Action PLan
Create Your Life Map
* Be guided to create your Life Map focused on Being Your Best
Create Your Action Map
* Enhance your habits of Excellence by creating your Action Map

What is Goal Mapping?

Whatever your dream, Goal Mapping can help you achieve it!

Goal Mapping is a simple yet extremely powerful way to develop the empowering mindsets, winning attitudes and effective habits that create success in an individual, a team or even an entire community.

Goal Mapping has reached more than 5 million people in 30 countries since it was created by Brian Mayne in 1995.

It has helped people achieve success relating to wealth, health, career, education, sport, weight-loss and anything else they dream of.

In the past, people created their Goal Maps on paper. But Brian's new online Goal Mapping system enables you to create Goal Maps in a far quicker and more flexible way.

You can edit your maps to update them and keep them fresh. You can action-plan your Maps by adding to-do lists. And you can share your Goal Maps by email or social media to get the support of your friends, family and colleagues.

Who is Brian Mayne?

While Brian Mayne is now an inspiring international speaker and author, he was born into a travelling fairground family, and further to a nomadic childhood he left school aged 13 with no qualifications and unable to read or write.

Picture of Brian's past
Picture of Brian Mayne Now

Brian then...

When Brian's family business failed during the UK recession of the late 1980s, he lost his income, his home and his marriage. He was 29 years old, £1 million in debt and still relatively unable to read or write. But at this seemingly low point Brian discovered the keys to success: that you can change your life by changing your thoughts and feelings about it. Brian learned to hold positive thoughts by setting goals, and gradually transformed both himself and his life.

Brian now...

Brian is now an international speaker on human potential. He is also the creator of the Goal Mapping, Life Mapping, Action Mapping and Self Mapping personal development systems, and the 7 Magic Keys development programme for children. Brian's books have been published in 15 languages. He received a UK National Training Award and was voted UK Speaker of the Year by the Academy of Chief Executives. As well as helping individuals, Brian helps leading organisations such as Siemens, Microsoft and BT. He's also worked with renowned speakers such as Anthony Robbins, Brendon Buchard, and Christopher Howard.

Top 3 reasons why people choose Gold membership


Create up to 100 Goal Maps online!

Gold membership is the first choice for serious Goal Mappers. If you have lots of dreams, aims and goals, Gold membership enables you (and your family) to create a Map for each one!


Take part in my exclusive monthly workshops

My Golden Opportunity workshops focus on a different area of life each month. They will help you explore your life purpose and make your Maps work harder for you.


Access the top level of my Family Empowerment Centre

The Gold level is packed with online and downloadable resources so that you can bring the power and benefits of Goal Mapping to the people who matter most to you.

Enter The Authentic Happiness Success Centre

Get immediate access to the Success Centre and create your Goal Map for Authentic Happiness NOW!

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Goal Mapping Gold membership also enables you to...

Watch the full workshop video

Watch all 4 hours of my Goal Mapping workshop video. Supported by a comprehensive workbook it will guide you through the process of creating your first Goal Map.

Check your Life Balance

Use my clever Life Wheel tool to check your life balance, spot areas you could improve, and inspire the creation of Goal Map to address those areas.

Record and track your progress

All of your online actions – from creating a Goal Map to checking your Life Balance – are automatically recorded in your Life Journal.

Receive daily inspiration

Start each day with a vibrant and inspiring thought from Brian and the world's greatest thinkers, writers, artists and historic figures.

Connect with a Coach

Take the pursuit of your Goals to another level with the help of one of our global community Certified Goal Mapping Coaches*.

Create an online Life Map

A Life Map is a blueprint to bring out the best in yourself and your life, and is a powerful complement to any Goal Maps you create.

* Coaches may charge extra for their time